Team International is Business Community focused on professional and business development through connection with others, training and education, and growing your business through looking for referral partners.  

Team International is marketing, networking and referral organization with members of different business categories industries and locations and is expanding to more national, regional and international locations this year.

Members meet biweekly with other business professionals outside of their industry to develop relationships. 

Groups are led by an experienced CEO or Business owner group leader who has seen success through group membership and participation.

Team International groups maintain business exclusivity, meaning that in each group there is only one member per industry category. This allows you to expand your reach through a strong referral network to customers outside of your own community. 

Each meeting encourages creating new contacts to grow your referral network and oftentimes features a guest speaker. 

We have all heard that networking is a useful and important tool in building a business. But for many of us, it can be anxiety-provoking or feel like a chore.

Networking events can vary widely in quality, and often attending events leave you frustrated with no new connections or knowledge.


At TEAM International we confidently believe that personal and professional growth allows us to establish the kind of lasting relationships that support and sustain our vitality as individuals and businesspeople.

With groups meeting regularly every two weeks, Team International has the experience and membership to provide deeper, more valuable networking opportunities and connections.

TEAM International groups are designed to help you level up in your professional development with classes and content that help you build your networking skills.

So not only can you build your personal network but build the skills that will help you continue to grow your network and business outside of your Team International community.

                                  WHAT ARE TEAM International  VISION AND VALUES

Our VISION for TEAM International is to create a life-changing, positive impact on business owners and entrepreneurs across the globe, by being the global leader in referral based marketing, business events, education and empowerment. Our vision is to be the largest community of business owners and entrepreneurs across the globe.

At TEAM International, we have 5 Core Values:

  1. Exceed expectations

  2. Generosity

  3. Integrity

  4. Family

  5. Fun

Exceed expectations

We are 100% focused on delivering exceptional experiences to our members, guests, suppliers, team and stakeholders. We strive to create raving fans of everyone who comes into contact with TEAM. Our goal is oriented and committed to achieving results. We exceed expectations by going above and beyond, always adding value, raising the bar, and setting standards of excellence in all that we do.



We are generous with our time and expertise. We find ways to serve and collaborate with each other, our members, guests, suppliers, stakeholders and those that are less fortunate. We are kind to each other and respect each other and everyone we interact with. We look for opportunities to leave a life changing, positive impact with everyone.


We value honesty, trust, honor and cohesion. We are accountable to each other and ourselves. We say what we mean and mean what we say – and always with kindness. Mistakes are made, admitted to, responsibility taken and most importantly learned from. At TEAM International we focus on opportunities for growth, not fault or blame. Integrity is about accountability, ownership of one’s actions, decisions and behavior.


We are one big happy family – and recognize the collective value of our community across the globe. We celebrate the team, the wins and the achievements in our family. We care, respect and support each other in the ups and downs. We make family time and support each other to achieve balance across all aspects of life. Our team feels like they are part of one big family. We are loyal to each other, value each other and always show respect.


We enjoy what we do. We look for opportunities to have fun and create fun experiences for each other, our members and everyone we interact with. When people talk about Bx, they should say, ‘Bx looks like a great organization, they look like they have so much fun, and yet get so much done!’. We have a culture of enjoyment and happiness and strive to make everyone’s day better.

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